Watering the Moon

Watering the Moon

Here we see Buzz “The Bladder” Aldrin, (My favourite member of the Apollo XI crew) nipping behind a rock to answer a call of nature.

‘He should have gone before he left home!’ I hear you cry, but what did you expect, it is a long way from the Earth to the Moon, and even Buzz is only human.

NASA must surely have anticipated Neil and Buzz being caught short. It hires the best, NASA is packed full of extremely bright geeks. Someone ought to have thought to provide relief for the astronauts. You are going on a very long journey, you can’t stop along the way, you needconveniences; it is not freaking rocket science!

They did not. Why not?

Indeed, there is more evidence of the Space Program’s hidden agenda, providing the astronauts with all the Coffee pills tbey could eat, lacking in water, but still full of caffeine, with it’s diuretic properties.

It is possible that NASA was trying to covertly ‘bioseed’ the moon using American organic matter, in a mistaken belief that they were racing against the Russians. This is, as everybody knows, utterly wrong, since the days of Uri Gagarin, all cosmonauts urinate fully on the wheels of their launchpad transport bus. There is little likelihood of them carrying much biological effluent to thier destinations.

This may seem odd, but the other explanations are equally mysterious..
Why would anyone want to see the Moon Under Water?

The truth?

I cannot say, I am not privy to the inner workings of NASA, but I fear the worst.

Thursday, 26th November 1998