saturday's peace rally in London wash was a great success for most people and something of an endurance test for Belinda and I. we were well prepared.. bel had painted a very colourful placard with Make Tea, not war on one side and Peace on Earth on the other.. I had a hastily improvised banner.. stealing an evening standard newsstand poster from friday “Blair fury at peace march” & adding the word “Good!”. We packed provisions.. an umbrella, some water & a box of hash brownies which i had cooked the night before and we were going to distribute at the dodgy party we were going to later that night.

They were awesome hash brownies; rich without being sickly, moist but with a crispy surface, full of chocolate, cashew-nuts and hash. Unfortunately they are a little too full of hash and this was to prove our downfall. Before inflicting them on slight acquaintances, we determined to sample the handy work so shared one small one with our breakfast. mmm, tasty!

Then we set off.. was due to meet up with some of my atheist friends at Gower st. but the crowds on the tubes made it easier to get off at Temple. got there 1230 and absolutely heaving with people.. the front of the march was already a long way distant in piccadily. we fell into step with the crowds and began to stroll along. mind you wehadn't got far when i noticed belinda had just accidently donked some old biddy with her placard, she donked me as I pointed it out & at that moment we both realised that we were very, very stoned.

had to go and have a sit down, and if we had been thinking straight we might at this point have either stayed put for a couple of hours or gone straight home.. but after a slurp of water and much effortful fumbling with bags, hats, etc we misguidedly decided we could continue..

rejoined the crowds which by this point was getting more crowded. we shuffled slowly forwards for what seemed like ages but was more likely 5 mins before once again being overwhelmed and ducking into a quiet park for a sit down. I'm sure this would have helped if it hadn't been so damn cold.

pushed on and different effects were starting to take hold, for one thing we were all but oblivious of anyone more than 10 feet away from us. It may have been the largest public protest this country has ever seen but our zone of awareness was so dramatically reduced that the couple of dozen people immediately surrounding us were enough to overwhelm us.

A strong wave of altered visual perception, particularly for faces, was the beginning of a big bout ofgood old pot paranoia.. not helped by the close proximity or thousands and thousands of people who might have been staring at us or talking about us! they weren't of course, but it would have been easier if there had been fewer of them & fewer police too. (though to be fair policing was very low key.)

Actually some of them were staring and talking, Belinda's banner drew some very appreciative comments. not that they were appreciated at the time (or even noticed half the time!)

we floated and oozed the rest of the way to the park in a haze, hardly registering the hundreds of thousands of people moving in the same direction, or the variety of banners, placards and personalised anti-war statements on display.

made it to hyde park, stayed long enough to hear Ms. Dynamite, then an unidentified politician. Then we walked over to victoria to meet up with my brother and sister for tea. we were very muted at this point. gave my sister some xmas presents and my brother some brownies (accompanied by
suitable warnings)

about as much as we could manage for one day, so headed home and didn't make it back out for party later on.

we had done enough for one day. i hope the world learns from our example, if everybody just got stoned then starting wars would be far too much like hard work. as part of my war effort i will post the recipe soon.

all in all, glad we went!

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