phew, after much frenzied agony I have just handed in large amounts of psychology coursework. two 3000 word research proposals, outlining interesting phenomena in psychology and designing novel experiments to test these. I am rather proud of the end results but why is it that I always leave anything until the night before it is due?

I had a whole six months, but everything was done in the week before the deadline. why? why? why? even when i can remember what hell it was the last time (and the time before that, and the time..) how grouchy and miserable i am in those last few weeks, obsessed by the toil ahead, unable to concentrate on anything else, but doing my everything to avoid getting started. what a sense of joy and relief I felt when it is over.

have to do an even bigger research project next year, so I think i might do it on why some people always leave everything to the last minute.. it's a huge topic, how on earth could you test that experimentally, it's going to require a lot of work and to do it properly I ought to start now.

of course, I can see what's going to happen…

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