follow the money

a few more primates needlessly killed for pointless research that generates even more confusion.. the furore over the muffed up ‘monkeys on e’ trials is good news,1367,60328,00.html

or it would be if it drew attention to how bias gets introduced into the supposedly ‘objective’ scientific process. little chance of that happening.

one shouldn’t blame the scientists too much.. just you try getting research funding for an unbiased recreational drug study.. it ain’t going to happen.. ultimate control of the money is with politicians.. to pick a random example, one of the major US funding bodies National Institute on Drug Abuse is not politically neutral or progressive in the research it funds (the name gives a hint)

here’s a recent NIDA funded project..

original press release – 2003-09-02
“Rat Study Shows Exposure To Ecstasy Early In Pregnancy Induces Brain, Behavior Changes”…30902074029.htm

sexed-up press release – 2003-09-03
“Taking Ecstasy During Pregnancy May Cause Brain Damage, Behavior Problems In Babies”…30903075538.htm

the actual articles are identical but why might the headline have been so dramatically changed??

take a fucking guess!

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