looked at my watch it was 6\’n the mornin\’



i guess it’s not their fault.. some peoples brains are wired up wrong

like ice t and other all decent folk i’m an owl not a lark. my noodle takes a good ten hours to warm up.. i’m useless before noon, cranky all arvo, start to pick around 8pm (after a couple of hours in the pub ) but don’t really hit my groove until round midnight.

this makes me deeply distrustful of people who spring into life just as my nightbus is dawdling home.. with their goddamnd ‘hello birds! hello trees!’ bonhomie and their self-satisfied refrains of ‘it’s the best part of the day’

not that i give a shit cos you’ve just missed the best night in the best city that there is in order to have a conversation with the milkman!? .. weirdo!


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