the reverse barnum effects (active & passive)

You are a considerate person who occasionally feels under-valued. You sometimes lack self-confidence and will stick up for yourself if challenged. You are quite perceptive about other people but sometimes say the wrong thing.

Sucker! You weren’t even born yesterday. Such is the power of the Barnum Effect.

But i’ve just noticed that the motto of Clan MacArthur stands for everything i am not. Fide et Opera – Faith and Work (aka faith in god & hard work ) I wouldn’t have normally even noticed but for the fact that i spent most of the day swinging the lead at work and marvelling at how lazy i like to be. the motto was on a postcard i was sent a month ago. I paid the challenging motto no heed at the time.. but now that i’ve noticed it I am riled up by it determined to prove my ancestors wrong.

I have a feeling that this demonstrates two opposites of the barnum effect.. a passive form where woefully wrong comments made about you are ignored and the active form where the inaccuracies are a challenge to be met and the truth to be asserted.

come to think of it, the former is probably part of the original barnum effect and thinking further, the latter has probably been noticed many times before too… just not by me!

As you were.

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