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friends in high places

I went to an absolutely amazing seminar today by Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa from Kyoto University Primate Centre.. he does completely cool research with chimpanzees both in Japan and field study in west africa. Stevie Walker was in the audience while … Continue reading

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what are your plans for new year

i’ll be turning over a new leaf.. only to realise that the other side of this new leaf is not really any better than the original side of the leaf i’ve been making do with for the whole of this … Continue reading

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flipper flummoxed

what appears to be a truly innovative finding in Comparative Cognition is due to be published in Behavioural & Brain Sciences, suggesting that a dolphin & rhesus monkeys have an awareness of their own uncertainty in memory and perceptual discriminations. … Continue reading

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5 days to go..

just got into work about 30mins ago.. boss – why are you so late? me – mainly because i have no enthusiasm left. boss – (silence) me (inwardly) ha ha ha ha ha!

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Richard Herring – Warming up

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