I moved into this flat 5 years ago today.. it really doesn’t seem very long ago at all.. back then in the distant days of the twentieth century, back before we all had digital TV’s and ipods. (how did we survive?!)

it was all so long and yet at the same time.. er.. not. in fact it feels like only yesterday that i was repainting the bathroom! this comes as no surprise, i was painting the bathroom yesterday (and making a right mess of things besides)

DIY is ill-advised for those of my lineage.. we like to take our time before mucking things up.. it took my parents 20 years to pave their driveway and put doors on the garage. i feel hasty in comparison.

nonetheless, much as i’ve enjoyed living here, it hasn’t settled down as a nest, sure i’ve feathered it, i’ve filled it with stuff.. lovely leather sofas, superbly Dali-esque chests of draws and bookshelves, lots of lots of bookshelves.. but nothing ever sits quite as it should, this might be better against another wall, that may look nicer next to the other.. maybe it’s merely a matter of inexpert fung shwee, but it’s beyond me.

i’m ready to move on, maybe even put all my accumuated ‘things’ in storage and drift around less encumbered for awhile. i haven’t really thought it through. I may not have to, I’ve been trying to move out for the last three months but as no-one will pay the extortionate rent i am asking i may be here for another 5 years.

and that might avoid the problem of how to take my guestbook with me: –

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