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12-hour rave catches police on the hop

It was the kind of wild party people talk about for years afterwards. More than 400 revellers kept a huge illegal rave going on four floors of an empty office block for 12 long hours, oblivious to the world outside…,2763,1159286,00.html

I was there (allegedly!!) and while it was one of the coolest i’ve been to for a while, i doubt that with time it will merge with all the others, sloshing around in what little of my brain that remains.

It in a former BT office that looked like it had been abandoned years ago, it was nice to get something back off the bastards.

my favourite bit was round 2pm on sunday when the top plod came in to try diplomatically to talk to the organisers into leaving:

– “I’m really impressed at what you’ve managed to achieve here but now that you’ve had your fun you really ought to leave.”
– “Yeah, we will, yeah… by 6am tomorrow we’ll all be gone!”
– 88|

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