we are Kelleher’s monkeys :(

Glastonbury tickets when on sale at 8pm this evening, 6 hours later i & many thousands of others are still redailing the number and attempting to connect to the website. 🙁

This sort of reminded me of something..

In an experiment by Kelleher (1958) chimpanzees had to press a key 125 times in order to receive a single token, and when they had collected 50 tokens they were allowed to push then all into a slot in order to receive food. In this experiment, therefore, the effect of the token reinforcers was sufficiently strong that they were able to reinforce a sequence of more than 6000 responses.
p93 Animal Learning & Cognition – JM Pearce

when i first learnt that I could scare credit it, now i know exactly how they felt. 🙄

but let’s hope it is not someones replication of a study by Orne

Update 05:46

After 9 & 1 1/2 hours, I finally got my peanuts! 😀

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