When there is no more room in Hell, they’ll build another Milton Keynes.



saw remake of Dawn of the Dead – as zombie movies go i thought it was zo zo. Zome excellent music Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around, Jim Carroll – People who died

I don’t mind fast zombies even if it isn’t exactly cricket. The gore was sufficiently colourful and grusome.Granted it was yet another zombie film that missed the opportunity to address the work of David Chalmers, Dan Dennett & co. but I’ve come to expect that from hollywood.

it upset my companion – a Romero-phile. True, it didn’t have any satire nor even any good jokes and to make matters worse it didn’t have the ‘chicken packing machine scene’ i thought i remembered and we walked out before the second ending on the boat in & after teh credits, which by many accounts was the best bit.

Oh yes, I have a question:

Can zombies swim?


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