you may know me by the company i keep

in the course of realising that by referring to it, i unwhacked my googlewhack*, i discovered the googletool which displays Pages similar to

I haven’t figured out how they do it but it is interesting.

Firstly it is flattering to be compared to pages as good as the very excellent enjoy every sandwich, the very erudite and the very worthy london indymedia. I must be doing something right. 🙂

Then there are those with an undeniable similarity:

Sisyphus and the Cuckoo Clock Speech
Recovering depressive alcoholic non-theist libertarian with long-term writer’s block and multiple neuroses seeks same. Must like children and punk rock. No freaks please.
man about Lancaster
Nude for Satan. Fully clothed for everyone else.

And now that i’ve discovered it, I wish cip (“I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.”) would update a bit more. I can even see my kindredness with my right wing Christian pal Hot Abercrombie Chick 88|

I am less clear on my connection to BigCat and the catty Uffish Thoughts but no less happy at that.

Google can spot the similarities even when I don’t understand them myself. It dances over language barriers as happily as Satan with his gift of tongues. I’ve figured out the connection to this one eXil – neues fuer deutschsprachige Londoner. Whereas i am only guessing that is in Swedish, i don’t recognize a single word of it and even if I like Neal Stephenson & went to school with China Melville I’ve never mentioned it here so i wish i knew how google knew.

But why oh why compare me to this geek? 🙁

*oh, and as for the googlewhack? well have you found any references to squirrelarchy anywhere? It’s like a squirearchy but with more squirrels! 🙂

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Caspar is just one monkey among billions. Battering his keyboard without expectations even of peanuts, let alone of aping the Immortal Bard. By day he is an infantologist at Birkbeck Babylab, by night he runs
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  1. Vanessa says:

    I tried the related: style of vanity google for my blog, and it came up with this:
    Seems to be a history of Toilets around the world.


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