it was good but not great.. this was partly due to the energy sapping qualities of mud, the absense of any bands I absolutely had to see & being unable to rendezvous effectively with my nearests & dearests. but it had it’s ‘moments’ and I will return

above all else I loved dancing on that springy floor in the leftfield tent especially to rodney p on thursday night & that bloke from the specials on saturday.. it was a shame that there weren’t that many other good opportunities to really shake it.

the hot club of cowtown were this years zion train.. able to get a tired crowd to go wild. one of my glasto moments was when their guitarist acknowledged the wild applause at the end of a dizzying solo with an almost imperceptible nod and the merest suggestion of a smile.

krafty kuts were quite a discovery but it will take a lot to make me go back to the glade next time..too crowded.. liljen & I were there when norman cook & chemical bros were coming on but after losing each other over a distance of 6ft there really wasn’t any point staying.

the divine comedy were grand though I wish he’d sung ‘my lovely horse’

buck 65 sang the best song about incest i’ve ever heard

goldie looking chain left me warm, fuzzy, impressed & amused.. they looked like they were having a great time & were infectiously enthusiastic. you knows it!

of the chemical bros, basement jaxx & orbital my 1st & 2nd votes go to the jaxx.. absolutely no contest!
why the fuck did orbital keep pausing & then go off for at 11:40 before a completely fake “encore”? tossers!

of other stuff my tent stayed dry, as did my feet but i do wish i’d had something other that slick soled shoes (i did a lot of slip siding away) tequila in the greenpeace tent was top, as was the baghdaddies 8yr old bodypopper, the perry was best thing to drink & the common or garden vegeburger was my food of choice. very pissed off by the hipocracy of astrologer jonathan cainer pretending to be a hippie in the Q daily (he’s the highest paid man on fleet street! )

was rather pleased that the last thing i went to was a small tent with bez stumbling round swearing into a microphone to a madchester soundtrack.

btw – have you heard the rumour? apparently Prince will be playing next year!

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