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lest you think my dream collection exercise is airy fairy wish wash and not respectable research, you obviously have not read this weeks Newsweek

What Dreams Are Made Of
New technology is helping brain scientists unravel the mysteries of the night. Their work could show us all how to make the most of our time in bed
The long-range goal of dream research is a comprehensive explanation of the connections between sleeping and waking, a multidimensional picture of consciousness and thought 24 hours a day. In the meantime, dream science is helping us understand and treat depression, posttraumatic stress, anxiety and a whole range of other problems. Neuroscientists are gleaning insights into how we learn by studying the physiology of dreaming in adults and children. Psychologists are also studying dreams to learn how both ordinary people and great artists resolve problems in their life and work by “sleeping on it.” For many of these researchers, accounts of ordinary dreams are a rich resource. Psychologist G. William Domhoff and his colleagues at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have meticulously cataloged and posted more than 17,000 dreams.
Newsweek 9 Aug

For more hard-nose facts check the UCSC sites:

response to Newsweek article – the quantitative study of dreams – key-word searchable dream database

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