monkey treasures visually

There sandwiched between Peterborough and Bolton (where one might normally expect to find Pontefract) are monkey treasures visually. You see Monkey by some reckoning is the 10,278th most common word in the British National Corpus.

I found this out at, the laudable(29639th) if overly(21319) minimalist(30024) work of the man at Number 27. It’s fun to play around with, counting the commonality of certain words. e.g.

nought 10724th
zero 3895th
one 38
two 64


four 185
five 205
six 283
seven 556
eight 560
nine 720
ten 464

But I’d like a few more whistles and bells. In fact, without wanting to sound like an autocrat(80001st) I demand to know the imagability, concreteness, and maybe Kucera-Francis frequency, to be able to select all 5 syllable nouns with irregular plurals ranked by typical age of acquistion.

Fortunately, that is what the MRC Psycholinguist Database was invented for.

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