speed breakdown

sleeping in a supersoft bed my walnut pickled with alcohol I had dreams of medium weirdness & spirit-ual vividity.

I was amongst friends and as always in my drunken dreams I was drinking still (i love these imaginary after-after-hours extra rounds) we were in a double-delux dream version of my new flatshare. in the splendiferous kitchen with four hobs (a range of gas ranges & futuristic red electric discs) someone had cooked themselves a plate of four flat steaks and provide me with a measley plate of sushi sized blobs of something or other which miffed me.

I was flirting mildly with an attractive if overly smart blonde woman who was known to me but no-one I know. It appeared that she worked with me though not directly, this got us onto the topic of employers and suddenly she moved into an angry baroque fantasy of persecution, accusing her superiors of conspiring against her and including Bliar & GWB in the conspiracy. Briefly she flicked eyes of malice at me. She needed to leave and called a taxi, aware of her increasing paranoia, I held the door open to speed her departure, whereupon she turned on me. And turned very quickly from mild paranoia to full blown aggresive schizophrenic delusion with clear evidence of thought disorder. Her speech was salty & peppered with non sequiturs, new coinages and strange stutters.

It could have got nasty but fortunately(!?) at that point the fire brigade arrived on the street because the house next door was burning down.

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Caspar is just one monkey among billions. Battering his keyboard without expectations even of peanuts, let alone of aping the Immortal Bard. By day he is an infantologist at Birkbeck Babylab, by night he runs BabyLaughter.net
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