robot ninja children built by geeks

Last night’s dream was long and dramatic epic for such confusing complexity that although it all made sense at the time I cannot quite reconstruct it now. It was obviously a consequence of two hours sleep the night before, a thrilling weekend with Ailsa and some inevitable plagarism from the films I saw that night (Legally Blonde and Gladiator, if you must know) It was also notable for having a strong emotional content to it, charging the action with importance and significance.

In no particular order it featured:

  • a time travelling theatrical spectacle that would provide cover for some sinister plot
  • politcal intrigue as a Thatcher-like figure was arranging the unfolding events to advance her career
  • inexplicably speedy communication with benign aliens some 40 light years away
  • a folding yellow bi-plane, swing from ropes due to be dematerialised with time-travelling technology carrying away a blonde haired young woman
  • some tai chi from me naturally
  • robot ninja children built by geeks, on our side to win time before the aliens arrived
  • a cliffhanger in a spacious modern mall like builing as I swung someone unpleasant over a high balcony.. I was in a good mood so I didn’t drop them

And partly as a result of my bedtime blockbuster I was tired all day and had some micronaps that made no sense at all.

– shot a colleague in the foot to make a point
– led a horse up the stairs at Brixton Academy
– a duck was above a hedgehog on a double decker child’s slide

go figure

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