Month: November 2004

  • tick tock

    time is running out.. trapped at my desk for rest of the weekend, still with four thousand words of notes to type up and then another 8000 of new ones to invent out of nothing.. by not writing sequentially, I have been filling in the easiest bits first and now I am up against a…

  • 17,156 and counting..

    by and large the book is going very well, pieces of plot keep falling into my lap, have some jokes I rather like and some entertaining set-pieces, i am approximately on target and so far I haven’t resorted to the wild desperation of writing any old rubbish, like they thought we might by this point.…

  • nano onandonandon

    back from BENIDORM.. and sad to say there wasn’t much in the Spanish sun to inspire my writing, had been expecting to bound ahead but actually fell behind the schedule have 32,000 typed up in total with another couple of thousand of notes to include.. it is getting progressively harder to keep going.. i have…

  • Low Life

    had another go at getting into High Society by Ben Elton but after grinding through another 30 pages or so, this time i’m not going to bother going any further.. seems to be a completely pointless book. it was like trying to eat a whole pack of rice cakes.. it’s vaguely palatable for the first…

  • how come all my role-models are cartoon characters?

    if ever i’m looking for inspiration (and i often am) I do not beseech the gods or even try hopping onto the shoulders of giants, i do not worship the rich and famous from afar or find unalloyed gold among those who i know.. i flip to the funnees or turn on the tube. two…

  • Debut de Souffle

    After last weeks culinary cock up where i managed to burn soup it was perhaps ill-advised to attempt to make a souffle on my next trip to the kitchen. Especially when trying to impress a lady! But happily it rose to the occasion!

  • this is your brain

    this is your brain.. this is your brain on drugs..

  • prologue

    A man stood on a hill. He looked up at the stars and tried to remember what on earth he was doing here. Why had he climbed this hill. This often happened to him when going from the living room to the kitchen, but this was the first time it happened at the top of…

  • what do you see?



    I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself, what a wonderful world I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself, what a wonderful world The colours of the…

  • by

    in has moved to a new home hosted by little bit of disorder will have been introduced in the process and right at the moment my cgi wotsits are frazzled and no doubt a bunch of other nonsense is kaput, but the hassle will be worth it. we go from having a cramped and…

  • 8446 procrastinating by plotting my progress 🙂

  • 46,124

    i am already feeling the unrelenting pace of this marathon. was doing okay on day one and two, but i had a few leetle drinks last night and am suddenly 2000 words behind the curve. still, i’ve done 550 so far today

  • one monkey, one keyboard

    in the midst of all my current typing of highly derivative fiction, it’s probably a good time to refer readers to the famous