would you like to play a game of global thermonuclear war?

It is not often that the nerds on slashdot.org make me laugh, but I cannot deny my nerdish roots. This had me sniggering like a dweeb:

3 Laws of Robotics (Score:3, Funny) by David Leppik (158017) on Wednesday January 26, @08:42PM (#11484473)

slightly OT, but when Asimov wrote his three laws of robotics, he assumed that humanoid AI would be developed with robots in mind.

Right now, there’s a lot of cutting-edge AI research going into video game opponents. Knowing how popular code re-use is these days, we might be lucky if we get robots which don’t default to KILL THE HUMANS.

and if it isn’t the game software it will be the military gunk. my own artifical baby will ever be used for Good.
Actualy it will be off my hands and back in it’s box on monday when I finally hand in my final year thesis.. (if i’ve written it by then that is!)


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  1. I can’t ban you from your own website – but go and do some sodding work!

    By the way – some twat is spamming your comments with poker site adverts.

    Which is very frustrating if you are nosey like me and want to read them all…

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