inter connections – part two



Google claims to index 8,058,044,651 web pages, so how is it that I keep stumbling over the same handful of people? Last week I saw those Mind Hacks guys getting a good plug from Boing Boing.

Now while lusting over the new^H^H^H improved Apple Powerbooks, I discovered Tom‘s co-author Matt Webb is a cited source of wisdom on their magical motion sensing mechanisms.

Controlling your laptop by tilting back and forth does sound pleasantly twenty-first century (and about time too!) but not quite enough to have me buying one just yet. My untrustworthy iBook limps on. Even more pleasing is the observation of how easy it has been for people to hack these tricks into their systems. The biggest lie in sci-fi is that computers are easy to use. They are not. They are obscurantist, pedantic, restrictive and uncooperative (both with the user and between apps.) Maybe this sort of hacking suggests that with services and scripting built into OSX, we are finally getting there.

But that aside, why does it sometimes seem like the internet is at least three degrees of separation too small? Eight billion pages and yet I keep bumping into friends of friends. Heck, only a few weeks ago I was out drinking with the designers of the very legendary bbc news site. Either I am highly connected member of the technorati or my sphere of interests is much narrower than I realise.

To Do:

  1. Hunt out more obscure stuff
  2. Find one of those graphical network maps of the interweb


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