Secular Quotes

The last time I prayed was when I was 14. A snow plough had covered a group of us under a mass of snow and I was praying to be rescued even as I lost

So how come his rescue didnít reinforce a belief in the power of prayer?
The rescuer hit me on the head with his spade. I kind of thought that if there were a God the spade would have missed.
Ted Honderich, Guardian

We have often heard religious leaders, recently, suggest that it was time ëmoralityí was given a voice in politics. What they mean, naturally, is ëmy moralityí. Where the churches have insisted ëmoralityí has been swept aside, what they mean is other ethical views have been listened to.
–Philip Hensher, Independent

A vicar said God was everywhere. Except, of course, during Auschwitz, when he had a sick-note.
–Robert McNeil, Scotsman

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