WBD – Send a postcard – Scare a child

maybe I take it back about the quality of the world book day imagery.. I just sent some of their electronic postcards and I wonder if I should have done:

World Book Day - Smash the pigeons
To: You
Book: Mother London – Michael Moorcock
Because: It is a lyrical book about mad people wandering the streets of London. It has nothing to do with Ralph McTell. But none of that is important right now because mainly I was sending you this to draw your attention to the disturbing postcards that the World Book Day bigwigs think will promote reading.

This one for example is a scary smashing together of an unlucky flying rat and a sinister Grimore.. clearly conjured up to scare away the other birds in the background. The message is clear, books grant stange powers that may be used or abused

World Book Day - Alien steam iron
To: You
Book: Slaughter House V – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Because: Look, never mind the book. Take a look at this Alien abduction promotion of books…

what were they thinking? That a sinister space age flying iron emitting mysterious mind control rays to expressionless clones was a good metaphor for the effect that books can have on the impressionable?


World Book Day - Noddy makes everyone cross
To: You
Book: Noddy Makes Everyone Cross – Enid Blyton
Because: He does!

I know it’s not Noddy, though it looks suspiciously like Big Ears out for a joyride. Although the other-worldly ambience of it means I can’t tell for certain and does make me wonder I am on drugs? (I’m not, trust me on that, I know when I am on drugs!) Maybe they’ve blurred it to avoid prosecution from Blytoncorp, the many tentacled global kairetsu that controls Enids interests from beyond the grave.

You may have thought the world of books was a friendly place where everyone loved everyone. Well, wake up, you were wrong, you are not in Toytown anymore you little nodding man. Welcome to the magical Kingdom of Copyright, where insatiable corporations are always hungry for royalties and where lawyers patrol the streets looking for next shakedown. It is a land where you can’t sing ‘Happy Birthday’ without paying Time Warner. If you talk too much about Noddy™ then Blytoncorp will get very cross indeed. The scary old crone may have been dead since 1968 but she’ll continue to earn money till 2043, mostly she needs it to pay all those lawyers.

Cease and desist from ‘Spreading the word’

World Book Day  - Scary Clown
To: You
Book: It – Stephen King
Or: Nights at the Circus – Angela Carter
Because: Clowns are scary – Enough said!

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One Response to WBD – Send a postcard – Scare a child

  1. Sir John Russell says:

    What sad nonesense this contribution is.

    It was unpleasant to read that this person considers Pigeons as being Rats. Furthermore, that killing provided them pleasure. The Universe is free for all creatures – not man alone.

    Should this person ever fall under my knife, I will cut their black heart out.

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