Return to Berlin £33.31

Ryanair are a wildly successful and profitable company who have the generosity to send me to Berlin and back for £33.31. Exclusive of taxes that is £7.98 for their trouble. I will spend more than that on an over-priced sandwich and soft drink in the departure lounge. My journey home to Yorkshire next month is costing me £40 and that is with {G}NER (the G is silent and undeserved.)

I find it easier to understand the fluid dynamics behind Bernouilli’s principle than I do the economics that will get me up in the sky and keep me Ryanair afloat.

But I am not complaining, because it means I haven’t had to think twice about booking five weeks in Berlin this summer. (23 August to 29 September if you’d like to visit.) I enjoyed my first ever trip there last year but it was way too short to get any sense of the place. I got enough of a taste to think that it might be almost as good as London and certainly a much cooler place to hang out for the summer. So this holiday will fit in nicely into the gap I have between quitting Barclays and going fulltime at Birkbeck.

Now I have 3 & 1/2 months to learn some Deutsche.

Oh and does anyone know a good place to stay?


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