i failed to get into work.. turfed off tubes at 9am at london bridge.. stopped for a greasy breakfast oblivious to what was going on.. thought i might be able to catch a Docklands Light Railway train out to work in Canary Wharf. so crossed the river, walked to tower bridge and on to aldgate where by chance i bumped into a couple of friends. they told what was going on.. (though the hundreds of police and dozens of ambulances gave a clue too.) nowhere to go so we waited for nearest pub to open and spent three hours in there watching the uninformative news coverage..

no transport whatsoever so they started walking home and I went to the Tower of London. I spent the afternoon going round the Bloody Tower and hanging out in the vault with the Crown Jewels.. probably the safest place in the kingdom!!!

mind you, i have to admit that being in the presence of so much history and authority, whilst escaping from current affairs.. it was almost inevitable that i was going to take a guilty pleasure in illegally intoxicating myself in the traitor’s tower.. i indulged in a cocktail of stimulants of varying class.. i can’t say i’m proud but i can’t say i didn’t have an enhanced time either.

then sat by the river reading for a bit.. now wandered up liverpool street and over to brick lane to this internet cafe..

could probably get home, but think i’ll meet a friend round here and stay out for rest of the evening. All in all, it never felt real or even that close, even though i’ve spent the whole day with-in yards of some of the explosion sites.

And my own personal day was a good one.. much better than being in work.

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  1. anouar says:

    thanx for blogging the situation and my condoleanses to all londoners!
    Anouar from casablanca

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