Dancehall Vibes & Streetside Violence

Had a great night at Rosi’s for some lovely reggae with remarkably versatile MC-ing from Gunjah Deluxe & Madame Mimi, see september pictures

But as I shuffled out into the night for my first bad experience in Berlin.

wandering the streets i bumped into to 2 lost German guys from Prenzlauer who were also trying to get home.. so i followed them and in the process they very nearly got us into fight with a pair of (polish?) punks with dogs.. they decided they didn’t like us for some reason and told us to go home.. which of course we were doing so these guys started shouting back from a distance..

i wasn’t going to run anywhere.. i prefer not to.. although we did speed up a bit when one of the broke a bottle.. though he quickly lost interest in that, leaving it in the street.. so ambled on a bit more.. one of my ever so help agitating friends shouted asshole and then ran off leaving me and the other guy in a sort of ambling face off.. one of them getting very angry with him and the other babbling on incomprehensibly to me.. i gathered that he was angry though i don’t know why. i think he was just doing it to keep his friend company… cos the ohter shorter, uglier one did appear to have a tinge of dangerous madness about him.

the taller skinner one clapped me fairly lightly round the ears which may have been an attempt to burst my eardrums but he just didn’t seem particularly scary to me.. so i told him not to do it again and wondered if i’d have to hit him back. for one thing he didn’t understand a word i was saying.. nor me him.

fortunately the the guy who hadn’t run off had managed to avoid coming to blows with the crazy one and eventually, we must have progressed beyond their territory because they were content to just stand there shouting.. whereupon our scared, trouble-making friend reappeared and we went uneventfully to the S-Bahn.

we talked a little about it and they had me wondering if i ought to have been more scared or more ready to run off than i was but it wasn’t a situation i was familiar with so maybe i couldn’t read the signs and not being able to answer back or have any reason to get angry myself i wasn’t going to escalate it. I’ll never know but there’s no hurry to find out.

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