Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart pops in here from time to time but is something of a stranger to me (unless he’s someone i know only by a pseudonym.. and haven’t joined the dots)

anyway i like his site so i’ve added him to my list of links.. the last he was suggesting i look at his glasto photos. being suggestible and trying figure out if i did actually know him i had a look at some of his non glasto photos. starting with a london set as i figured this would be the most likely place where i could pick up common threads..

On the first page I saw this

and i thought Jonathan Stewart was some artistic genius.. but it turns out that it wasn’t a clever comment on war but a annoying unrotated thumbnail, he has the same problem on
other pages.. there weren’t any others like it on that page which is how i noticed it and over-interpreted Jonathan’s photographic artistry.. but now I have made it art by declaring it so and i give Jonathan all the credit.

here he is looking pleased..

Jonathan Stewart


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