Before I came here I thought I’d learn some German before I arrived.. I bought Michel Thomas’s excellent 8 hour course and another crap nine hour course that seems to be mainly designed for american tourists who want to complain about their hotel rooms. I also downloaded many hours of other Deutsche lessons from the net.. i loaded it all onto my ipod. but i am not a walkperson person and in the three months i had all this i listened to essentially nothing. when i arrived here all i could say was

ich habe kein Deutsche

Today, that is more true than ever!* But I do want to have at least a little German. So I’ve investigated language schools here and in principle could begin a beginners course on monday. Three hours each weekday morning for a fortnight.. moving onto not quite beginners for another fortnight. I could do that.

But there are a lot of other things i could be doing as well, lots and lots of them.. and from all sides friends old and new, English, German and Finnish are telling me not to waste my time with German lessons. I am coming round to their viewpoint. But I am determined to learn some German sometime, so although i don’t like it i will give walkpersoning another try. Otherwise i face the slightly ridiculous prospect of starting German lessons back in England after my trip is over.

*Actually, that’s not quite true, I have learned a few new words from the Sprachenschule flyer..

Griechisch !
Portugiesisch !!
Italienisch !!!
Franzˆsisch ??
Niederl‰ndisch 😉

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