apple of my eye

Almost the first thing I did on my first day in the office was to order myself a whacking great Apple Powerbook 15″.. I have been dying to upgrade from my 4yo 600mhz g3 ibook for ages.. it really creaks when ever try to get it to do more than two things at once.. and i always want to do at least five things simulaneously.. i think as i get older i gain more of the symptoms of ADHD..

I was quite a calm child but for the last two weeks i have been feverishly awaiting the delivery of my new beast.. and getting a bit tetchy with apple for taking three weeks to get it together.

But like an attentive lover, they were just teasing and tantalizing me so that the surprise they’ve been planning for me was appreciated all the more. Today, they’ve upgraded the range.. higher res screen, fancier connectivity, longer battery life and larger hard-drive.. my four most erogenous zones, how could they have known?

And that’s what they are sending me, and it will be five hundred quid cheaper and i still get my free ipod mini!

“Steve- take me I’m yours!”


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