words and worlds

before the first of november this story did not exist.. and even now i have yet to write very much of it.. but in the short time i have been plotting it and in the few parts i have sketched out i have experienced something essential about it.. i have created a new world.. even if i never finish writing it in words.. it exists.. it is whole and i am proud and excited by it.

mind you, because i am trying to write the thing linearly for a change, i am miles behind the pace, so some words of encouragement would be nice!


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  1. always look on the write side of life,
    always look on the write side of life 😉

    keep on hittin` the nipples of boardella key –
    ’cause in the end that`s where liberty might be,
    typing, hyping, wiping out reality,
    ’cause only expressing makes you free.

    o shizzn.

    more FRAG in rememberance of DOOM.

    my booky thing is only @ 5000 words and with every word gets worse – but therefore i found a party with some friends, called “reboot” “neustart” in the end, that sucked up all my words in thousands tens, – – – then the lights turned black, i played doom for three days, i’m lost in hyperspace and never comin’ back on track…

    so if your keyboard moves – just SMACK !


  2. LD Rudeboy avatar
    LD Rudeboy

    Some words of encouragement.

    – advance
    – advocacy
    – aid
    – animation
    – assistance
    – backing
    – boost
    – cheer
    – comfort
    – confidence
    – consolation
    – consoling
    – easement
    – enlivening
    – faith
    – favor
    – firmness
    – fortitude
    – helpfulness
    – hope
    – incentive
    – incitement
    – inspiration
    – inspiritment
    – invigoration
    – optimism
    – promotion
    – reassurance
    – reassuring
    – refreshment
    – relief
    – relieving
    – reward
    – softening
    – solacing
    – stimulation
    – stimulus
    – succor
    – support
    – supporting
    – trust
    – urging

    Hope you find them nice. 🙂

  3. Looks nice. Puts my vain efforts to deep, deep shame. But one has to start somewhere, even if that means starting at the bottom, with all the shit and cliche therein.

    Hmmm, ‘therein’, gotta stop using that word.

    Top tidings!

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