take that

take that

spammers are becoming such subtle maligancies that i cannot determine if this is intended to be funny or not..

either way it makes me laugh

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Caspar is just one monkey among billions. Battering his keyboard without expectations even of peanuts, let alone of aping the Immortal Bard. By day he is an infantologist at Birkbeck Babylab, by night he runs BabyLaughter.net
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  1. toomonkey says:

    download and watch, or rent on vhs or dvd, or watch it in a cinema near you, buttt definite-lee watch: “waking life”, a funtastic animated-dream-travel-movie from the year of the yeah 2001. a year when the newborn century was still smelling like the 100 years old 20th centurypussy it just crawled out of.
    over and out.

    the option of reasoning about or performing the act of suicide is one of the most significunt capabilities of intelligent life.
    so – if computers can commit suicide, they reached self-awareness.
    since i know that, i am in fact afraid of my windows…

    … buttt at least –
    this is a proof for reincarnation.

    so it should no longer be called “reset-button”, it should be labeled “reincarnation-button”.

    so, nice if you get your button – but now it’s time to get your buttoff.


    comments are the dirt, that make blogs interesting.
    digging in the dirt. websurfing is out – it’s all about webgrinding – it’s about drilling holes deep into the content and placing dynamite at unexpecdead spots.

    booooom !!!

    shit – this should just be a short comment – now it ended in placing interlactualively a-bombs, b-bombs and c-bombs – dropped together in so called abc-clusters.

    maybe a brand-nu, webmarketrevolutioning, brand new, invest now, super new, the new thing, nua dan u a, so new that we cannot even tell you what it is until it hits, it is even newer than the news, it’s ahead of time, it’s the avantgarde, the newest of all new things that have ever been there, it’s the new band called “the new” that easily out-news “the who” in it’s impact on contempomoralily culture, it’s gonna rip out the guts of the old like a vulture, it’s “the new”, buy now, works instantly, it’s newer than you are, it’s so new we just cunt thell you, but make sure u order in advance, before it becomes old, already one googol sold, but fortunately we are never out of stock, ’cause we’ve got investors like god, we deliver lightning fast like electrical shocks, new rock around the new-time-era clock, “the new” could be close to you, just order now, or you might become old. so you’re told – all options sold – i warned you BOLD – letter didn’t help, so you cun’t trade the new gold, only thing left for you is to lay back and watch how the story unfold, ‘s, new words, new characters, new symbols, new times, new lines, NEW !!!

    remember – everything after – over and out is just linenoise. first choice linenoise. the noise of your choice. literally speaking with the monkey’s voice. NEW !!!

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