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A failed journey i once undertook was to visit the first and last place in a motoring atlas of the british isles…

depending on what authority you consult the first is a little village in Somerset called Abbas Combe, the last is the moderately famous village of Zennor not far from Saint Ives in Cornwall. since the former was on my way to the latter, it seemed a perfect project. I booked ahead a night in a vegan bed and breakfast in Zennor and set off from where-ever i was. the family home as i recall.

of course i ought to have passed through Ashby de la Zouch at the same time. it wasn’t too far out of my way but i didn’t.

Google Map: From Abbas Combe to Zennor

after several hours driving, I narrowed in on Abbas Combe, coming along the road it was supposedly only to arrive in Temple Combe the next little village along the way.. I turned the car around and crept along to catch it from the other direction.. but again i seemed to miss it.. turning back on myself again I was extra vigilant for some sign or other of this little village that ought to be exactly here.. but it was not.. my plan of taking photos of it’s sign came to nothing.. its seemed that the sprawl of Temple Combe had absorbed it’s little cousin. There wasn’t even a church or shop to mark it out.

I headed south to the next main road and turned right for the long drive west. Land’s End is further than it looks on the map. By the time I exited Exeter it was already getting dark and I crossed Dartmoor in heavy pelting rain and an improbably thick fog that reduced visibility to under 10 yards. Very Hound of the Baskervilles.

Eventually got to the B&B at 11pm which was very late for rural hippie vegans.. The Bed was comfy but the Breakfast was rather bad some sugar free muesli with soya milk.. i took my tea black and then drove through Zennor which was very hilly. At least it had a sign! I think i took a photo of it.

I went on to the Tate Saint Ives where i discovered (as i believe i mentioned before) that a local poet had been killing off local artists.. and maybe he was justified because their paintings were dreadful.

i have occasionally contemplated doing the same with the London A to Z. Though I think that one ought to be a walk. it’s only 8 miles pretty much directly north from Abberley Mews in Clapham to Zoffany Street in Archway.

Google Map: From Abberley Mews to Zoffany Street

For something much more adventurous one could try the international version”

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe


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