Not written for Charlie White

I will not waste my short life
pleading that you agree with me.

I am obviously right
and if you cannot see it then
I wonder how deep your ignorance goes.
I wonder by how far you are misguided.

But I do not ponder this extensively
because where would i begin?

I doubt you know why the sky is blue.
You may not even know why the sun rises in the morning.

There are answers to these questions and many more
but that’s science and you go deaf when you hear that word.

Sure, it might be true but it was too complicated to use
so you lived your life your own way and you don’t see
any need to change.
You have got by just fine thanks, in your ignorance.

Not caring that it is all the same magic
that makes aeroplanes fly
and keeps cancer patients alive.

You know some of those things are science
but your think they are some special exceptions.
Not realising that the world is everything that is the case.

After all, how could it all connect up into one complete whole,
without God to hold the pieces together?

By the simple laws of nature.

But I will not waste my short life
pleading that you agree with me.


One response to “Not written for Charlie White”

  1. Ishbel avatar

    Remember what you said about thinking that modern poetry is just prose where you press the return button a bit more often? Well, go and read some Simon Armitage then do a compare and contrast and hang your head in shame! Bad monkey! the comma in ‘got, by’ is particularly appalling – the whole point of poetry is precision and crystallising thought into something perfectly crafted and resonant. You are not a poet. Bad monkey! Lots of love
    Your sister the critic!
    PS unless of course the idea was to give mr white the double punishment of pointing out what a moron he is AND subjecting him to Vogon poetry torture in which case – Good monkey!

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