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I know many of you like experiments and that most of you are keen on the theatre. You are all in luck because on the evening of Monday 15th May in the Soho Theatre, London you can enjoy both!

Tassos Stevens has a PhD in developmental psychology but for the last few years he has been a ‘maker of theatre’ (writer, director, actor, &c.). He has always been interested in the creative and experimental approach to making theatre and is now looking for ways his scientific training can be brought into plays and performances. He is hosting this event at the Soho Theatre to investigate how the scientific method can inform theatrical experimentation.

Having brought together a range of writers, theatre artists and scientists for a two day workshop, the evening will present the fruits of this conference/collaboration. It will include theatrical performance and open discussion with the audience. And will hopefully be a lot more fun than I’ve managed to make it sound!

Why am I telling you all this? Partly because it’s going to be great but also I am going to be involved in putting it together.. And therefore between Tassos and myself, we will be sure to make the event interesting to developmental psychologists (among others!)

In the meantime, why not check out the blog of the event (see below) where your comments are very welcome. And we’d also like to hear your suggestions of your favourite experiment of all time.

Hope to see you there,

Event Details.

An experiment of and under theatrical conditions

Scientists and writers spend two days investigating the nature of experimentation in theatre. Their findings are presented in an evening of performance and open discussion, curated by Tassos Stevens. A blog is running in conjunction with this event at http://www.sohoexperiment.blogspot.com/.

8pm, Mon 15 May 2006
Soho Theatre
21 Dean Street

Tickets: £5 (£3)

Blog of the event..

Event details..

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