sweaty eyelids

ascending the escalators at TCR earlier this evening, I glimpsed a man descending with sweaty eyelids.. ewww..

Mercifully, he was passed before I got too grossed out. but not before I was able to discern that other than his oddly glistening eyelids, he was not excessively sweaty elsewhere. Needless to say this intrigued me. This is not the sort of topic I feel terribly keen on discussing with friends and acquaintances. Certainly not with my fellow trustees at the board meeting Rationalist Association, a radical free-thinking bunch if every there was one, but a group more focused on the overthrow of all religion than the possible mislocation of sweat-glands. Luckily this is precisely the sort of thing the internet was invented for.

Times online health feature What makes me sweat so profusely and why does it smell of urine? (No really, there’s not much point in clicking the link.. you won’t profit by it.. unless perhaps you smell of wee too.)

They say that you learn something new every day. I feel rather cheated that this is what I learned today 🙁


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