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on a related note, i think that this year i’m going to be using zotero to keep track of all the books I read.

For the last three years, I’ve nerdishly noted when I started and finished each book I read and how long they were. In 2004, i read a healthy and varied 77 books of around some 23,779 pages. In 2005, I managed a mere 37 books or 12,095 pages. This year I lost track somewhere in May but reconstructing the second half of the year from memory, I’ve got it approximately right. Sad to say i’ve just tried tallying 2006 and it’s a pitiable 33 tomes, an approximate and paltry 9,207.

So there’s another new year’s resolution for me to read a few more this year. I can even give myself a head-start if i just finish some of the dozen or so i started and never finished last year. There are the completed ones:


Light As Air Felix Hess
From Hell Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Carson McCullers
Leonardo - Art and Science Giunti
Semantic Cogntion Timothy Rogers & James McClelland
The Birthday of the World Ursula le Guin
Wide Sargasso Sea Jean Rhys
Notes From Underground Fodor Dostoyevsky
The Big Book of Concepts Gregory Murphy
Beowulf Seamus Heaney
Henry Moore
Buckingham Palace Panoramas Feliks Topolski
The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver
Three Men in a Boat Jerome K Jerome
Les Enfants Terrible Jean Cocteau
Adventures in the Screen Trade William Goldman
Axiomatic Greg Egan
Martin Eden Jack London
Troll Johanna Sinisalo
Market Forces Richard Morgan
Kafka on the Shore Haruki Murakami
Judaism - A very short introduction Norman Solomon
Woken Furies Richard Morgan
The Spy who came in from the Cold John Le Carré
Villa Incognito Tom Robbins
The story of mr somner Patrick Suskind
The Wee Free Men Terry Pratchett
The Blue Flower Penelope Fitzgerald
Hunger Knut Hamsun
Journey to the end of the room Tibor Fischer
Sundiver David Brin
Wintersmith Terry Pratchett
They call me naugthy Lola David Rose (ed.)

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