Divine Interventions



“What the hell is that?” I hear you cry.

That, best beloved, is the Baby Jesus butt plug available from those goodly people at Divine Interventions. Only $31.00 and it glows in the dark. Miraculous. And that’s just the beginning of their depravity. Blessed be. I think you now all know what to get me next Christmas.

Although their guestbook is less entertaining than i’d expected to be..

these were the best i could find

May God help you, psychopatic idiots. It is sick idiots like you who are responsible for the increase of fundamentalism today. If I meet you I will spit on your face.
– Monday, October 30th, 2006 com

God is love, and I pray you rot in hell for such filth and hatefulness. George W. Bush will put an end to sites such as yours. There can not be freedom without knowing right from wrong. People fought and died for the US FLAG and all it’s AMERICAN values.
Chris Chen
– Monday, January 30th, 2006 comID = 33


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