I, Vampire

At five o’clock this morning, on the shelves of the Flying Pig hostel I found another book in the Women’s Press Science Fiction series. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any weirder than Woman on the Edge of Time comes

I, Vampire – Jody Scott

Sterling O’Blivion, misunderstood vampire from Transylvania, now ace instructor at a dance studio in Chicago. After 700 years Sterling feels life is passing her by; unitl Rysemian starships land on Earth and she is given a new lease of life.

Now she has the chance to turn into Mr Spock, dance with Abraham Lincoln, and have a wild fist fight in a ladies toilet with Virginia Woolf, only to fall madly in love with her. Before long Sterling finds herself masterminding the marketing of the Famous Men’s Sperm Kit. It was just the sort of romp an aging vampire needed!

And, if that didn’t convince you, it has a very approving quote from someone called Theodore Sturgeon.

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