Love and Happiness

You probably want both right? You may be looking in the wrong places. Two short talks from the TED talks series.. Granted the whole TED thing has an sickening taste of pomousness and corporate greenwash, but they do get very good speakers.

Helen Fisher on how one should take coke and avoid ecstasy & prozac if you want to fall in love.

Helen Fisher - TED talk

Link –

Dan Gilbert on how there is little good or bad that thinking makes it so. And how consumerism is empty calories, where more choice makes you less you happy..

Dan Gilbert - TED Talk

link –

Most pleasing bit for me was watching the smug advert at the BMW end.

Quite a few more talks to choose from and at less than 20 minutes each they are a better use of your time than the next episode of Hollyoaks.

I might watch this guy next.

Larry Brilliant

link –

He’s talking about how we might all die in pandemics but more importantly he’s called Dr. Larry Brilliant.


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