Sci Tat

Carl Zimmer is collecting science tattoos. So I sent him our Necker cubes.

Bit miffed but not surprised that he chose the more photogenic of us to picture on his site. Meanwhile, i am thinking of a way to work the stimuli from my statistical learning experiment into a new tattoo.


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  1. Ashton Applewhite avatar
    Ashton Applewhite

    hi, Caspar,
    I came across your tattoo on Carl Zimmer’s site, where I just posted the note below. it would be great to include you and your ex in my project if you’re interested. are you in the UK? I live in New York but come to London as often as i can.
    my partner and I each have a set of chromosomes on our right wrist; put them together and it’s a cell during meiosis. (website & photo to come.) thus inspired, I’m collecting tattoos with significance shared by two or more people for a book to be called TATTOOS FOR TWO. (I’m a science writer and published author, and got Carl’s permission to post this request.) if you’d like to participate or know others who might, it would be great to hear from you: Ashton Applewhite (girl not boy, btw); thanks very much.

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