The Zen Cocktail

three years ago i made the new year’s resolution never to drink the same drink twice in one day. That year I kept my resolution religiously and i enjoyed it so much that the next year I carried on in the vein.. but treating the idea more as a guideline than a law. by this, my third year, radical mixing has become of a philosophy and way of life. I habitually diversify my drinking and I have assembled a moderately well stocked cocktail cabinet for most eventualities. An inevitable development is that i have to mix-up the mixes, so that no two nights are the same either. To which end, I experiment with the ingredients i have to hand. Tonight i discovered that Jägermeister and coke wasn’t too bad but then serendipity struck. I stumbled upon

The Zen Cocktail

Pour two 2 measures of Gin into a large wine glass and top up with pear cider.

Instantly you are wondering what that tastes like. I’m afraid it would be wrong of me to tell you, you really ought to discover for yourself (or ask me privately when you get the chance).. suffice it to say that I was shocked and awed.. and i had to share it with the world.

The biggest trouble is that it is so nice, I want another.. but that goes against my whole philosophy.

In completely unrelated news, I bought one of these today.

I haven’t fired it up yet, and tempting as it is, I really won’t be operating it under the influence of my new mind-emptying cocktail. Though it is designed for “light demolition work”. I need it because the side walls of my flat seem to be made of reinforced concrete and have already killed one regular drill and melted three normal drill bits.

This kit is more serious (the type of thing that Neal Stephenson talks about in ITBWTCL ). It not for hanging pictures, you kind of get a clue from the little leaflet that comes with it. Firstly, I felt compelled to actually read the thing which is not a normal urge i get when purchasing electrical goods. They usually don’t require it, plug in, press go, voila.. It might have been the pot of grease that came with the machine, or it’s sheer scariness or some deep instinctual life preserving urge that made me interested in the idea that just maybe I ought to know what i was doing before undertaking a little bit of light demolition, intentional or otherwise. And i can report that the instructions were sufficiently scary that I may even follow them,

But it was the last page of this flimsy 12 page guide that really opened my eyes.. I don’t think i’ve ever bought a product other than Lego that comes with a diagram like this..


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