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The clincial psychologists ‘bible’ – the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders runs to 886 pages listing 297 things that could be wrong with your noggin. There’s another version in the pipeline and the chances are it will be even longer. It’s enough to make you suicidal, depressed or even, god forbid, turn to the bible. Needless to say the whole undertaking is highly controversial and thousands of psychologists and psychiatrists will squabble over what exactly it ought to contain and what that tells them. Meanwhile, much less attention is ever paid to what happens when things go right..

But prolific ‘positive psychologist’ Martin Seligman has stepped in with a questionnaire designed to assess and reveal your strengths. The ‘Values in Action Inventory of Strengths’ consists of 240 questions that will give you a list of the good things about your character.

Here’s what it said about me:

Your Top Character Strength

Love of learning
You love learning new things, whether in a class or on your own. You have always loved school, reading, and museums-anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity to learn.
Your Second Character Strength

Curiosity and interest in the world
You are curious about everything. You are always asking questions, and you find all subjects and topics fascinating. You like exploration and discovery.

Your Third Character Strength

Humor and playfulness
You like to laugh and tease. Bringing smiles to other people is important to you. You try to see the light side of all situations.

Which is slightly boring but not necessarily inaccurate.

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