visions of psychology

At the risk of turning this blog into an inefficient mimeograph of Mind Hacks, I have share yet another of Vaughn’s finds with you..

This is just one image in a sequence of 83 by Will Lion. He combines striking quotes and summaries of suprising research with even more arresting images, all of which he appears to have found on flickr.

I have used flickr as a source of stimuli for one of my experiments but the images were a lot more boring than this as 36 babies in those studies will readily confirm.

Oh and one final point, all the images he used were Creative Commons licensed by the original photographers. Which allows you to freely use and adapt their work as long as you give them credit and don’t commercially exploit it. Quite a lot of them go a step further and have a ‘copyleft’ licence which is opposite of copyright, meaning you can only use the image if your derivative work is also creative commons licenced. And it seems like this kind of project is just the sort of thing that CC licences make possible.

Strangely or perhaps sadly, Will Lion appears to have set his own images to have traditional copyright. I don’t know if this was deliberate choice or an oversight, but it doesn’t matter because thanks to the copyleft he can’t actually claim copyright 🙂

One of his posters makes the point quite well:


UPDATE: See the comment below from Will Lion. All his images are creative commons licensed, he just got caught out by flickr defaulting to copyright. What a nice chap he is after all!


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  1. Hi there,

    Glad you liked the set 🙂

    Everything in the set is Creative Commons, I just forgot to change the last batch of 20 or so I uploaded; Flickr defaults to normal copyright now.

    All fixed now tho!


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