Month: March 2009

  • Evil Robot Monkey

    http://www.maryrobinettek…l-robot-monkey/ This Hugo nominated short story is so short that you can read the whole thing in 4 minutes flat. And I encourage you to do so Evil Robot Monkey by Mary Robinette Kowal Sliding his hands over the clay, Sly relished the moisture oozing around his fingers. The clay matted down the hair on…

  • understanding the unimaginable


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    a utterly bleak story that allows no straight-forward narrative escape from the indifferent callousness of the universe. very bad things happen for no good reason and some people have to live through that..

  • Science suggests democracy is an illusion.

    The BPS blog has a good summary of a study that found that what political candidates looks like could have a strong influence on whether they are elected. John Antonakis and Olaf Dalgas presented photos of pairs of competing candidates in the 2002 French parliamentary elections to hundreds of Swiss undergrads, who had no idea…

  • Science proves religion is a crutch…80.2009.02305.x Michael Inzlicht, Ian McGregor, Jacob B. Hirsh, Kyle Nash (2009) Neural Markers of Religious Conviction Psychological Science Many people derive peace of mind and purpose in life from their belief in God. For others, however, religion provides unsatisfying answers. Are there brain differences between believers and nonbelievers? Here we show that religious conviction is…