Month: May 2009

  • stranger and stranger

    A friend just sent me this.. REMEMBER WHEN YOUR MOTHER TOLD YOU NEVER TO TAKE CANDY FROM A STRANGER…. THIS IS THE ONE SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT!!!!! Now that does look a lot like me, but I honestly can’t remember it.

  • Londonist If you like to keep in touch with fun things Londonish then i can certainly recommend Londonist. Always well written and covering all kinds of London news and events that you might otherwise miss. Here’s their take on McCartney’s (surely counter-productive) ungoogling Sir Paul McCartney has successfully managed to get the image of his…

  • Catholic guilt


    in…e-of-the-godly/ Speaking after the publication of the report of decades of almost unbelievable abuse in Catholic-run institutions in Ireland, Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society said the report “shone a spotlight on an attitude of systemic secrecy and callousness towards child abuse that has been endemic in the Catholic Church for…

  • Meat between two slices of bread…andwich_wee.php Apparently it’s National Sandwich Week. Sure, it’s only a marketing ruse from the evil sandwich overlords of the British Sandwich Association but tasty nonetheless. More from Londonist

  • Babies have the answers…e/to_be_a_baby/ The great thing about being a philosopher is that you can write any old rubbish and speculate wildly without the need to support what you say with real data. The same can also be said for psychologists writing books for a general audience. (And of course I do the same if anyone ever made…

  • Bod goes to Metaponto?