If you like to keep in touch with fun things Londonish then i can certainly recommend Londonist. Always well written and covering all kinds of London news and events that you might otherwise miss.

Here’s their take on McCartney’s (surely counter-productive) ungoogling

Sir Paul McCartney has successfully managed to get the image of his London pad scrubbed from Google Street View. Security staff for the ex-Beatle, who resides in Norwegian St Johns Wood, complained after discovering detailed photographs of the long and winding road where he resides on the service. Fearful of somebody discovering the address and coming in through the bathroom window, the team asked that they be removed as a personal safety issue: a fair point, really, given the domestic attacks that former bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison suffered, and in any case Macca probably doesn’t want to be doorstepped every time he’s leaving home. After all, everybody’s got something to hide, even Paul and his drumkits.


Or their excellent series of reviews of the capital’s independent bookshops.

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