20 Wodehouse insults

  1. frightful young excrescence
  2. piefaced litte excrescence
  3. slab of gorgonzola
  4. pig in human shape
  5. sheepfaced, shambling refugee from hell
  6. gastly sheepfaced fugitive from hell
  7. fatheaded ass
  8. popeyed bleater
  9. dithering idiot
  10. a dumb brick of the first water
  11. halfwitted gargoyle
  12. halfwitted Gadarene swine
  13. herring-gutted young son of a what-not
  14. foul blot
  15. puff-faced poop
  16. pestilential poop
  17. potbellied perisher
  18. newt-nuzzling blister
  19. unbalanced young boll weevil
  20. deleterious slab of damnation

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