Gaydar – Fitted as standard

Scientists have previously shown that everyone’s got gaydar and now they show we’ve all got lesdar as well.

From the random samples section of the Nov. 27 issue of Science:

Can you guess a woman’s sexual orientation just from her face? Surprisingly, your guess would be better than flipping a coin….Psychologist Nicholas Rule of Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, and colleagues asked 21 college students the same question about 192 photos (cropped to eliminate hair and ears) of gay and straight women from dating Web sites. The undergraduates guessed right 64% of the time and scored better than chance%u201453%%u2014even when they saw only the women’s eyes, the researchers report this month in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. In 2008, Rule reported similar results with male faces.

from Deric Bownes


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