Sad but happy!

So it turns out there was a more complicated version of the happiness flowchart

via flowing data – Path to happiness gets complicated and confusing.

I will pass, thank you. I am pretty good at being happy. I think every year of my life has been happier than the last and long may this continue. Right now, I am also a bit sad. My latest relationship has gone to join the others in the realm of life-experience. Turns out there was nowhere else for it to go. I’m afraid we had to push it quite hard to find that out. To me (and possibly even her!) this looked so much like happy-ever-after that there was more unhappiness than is normally good for us. But when so much is at stake you want to be completely certain. We are now and hopefully but no-one was too badly hurt along the way.

In case that made no sense and you are still asking what is sad but happy? It’s a lot like this:

The Gutter Brothers – Everlasting shining peace of mind

Just reading the url of that link makes me happy!

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