Month: September 2010

  • I wonder what he was praying for?

    No, this isn’t some fancy Photoshop trick, these are real human footprints ingrained in a hardwood floor. 70 year-old Buddhist monk Hua Chi has been praying in the same spot at his temple in Tongren, China for over 20 years. His footprints, which are up to 1.2 inches deep in some areas, are the result…

  • 100 ‘best’ opening lines

    The American Book Review has a cynical traffic generating list of the best 100 opening lines from literature. I just read the whole thing so you don’t have to and to be honest I don’t think you have to. They don’t really get it. Or perhaps I don’t. Sure, they’ve got a lot of the famous…

  • I’m sorry Alice

    Maybe it is the recent experience of protesting against the pope that has me seeing paedophilia everywhere. Or, without knowing it,  i’ve become a Daily Mail reader. Which gives much the same effect from completely opposite causes. Anyhow, somehow my mind has been poisoned and I  see peedos everywhere. I was scanning through a corpus…

  • The king’s players

    At Shakespeare’s Globe they take your title very seriously.

  • We’re all armed with coffee cups.



    What’s your weapon of choice?.

  • Robot snake climbs real tree

    [youtube 8VLjDjXzTiU] CMU’s Biorobotics Lab have build a modular robotic snake. It can climb trees and spy on you. Air penguins, Robotuna, and now this? The robot uprising may have already started. via Singularity Hub Update: Oh brilliant, they’re letting robots take over the hospitals. That will really help our side the robot war. That’s about…

  • The form is strong in this one.



    Here’s Darth Vader performing the 42 move Yang style sword form of Tai Chi Chuan. As you might expect, he’s actually pretty good.

  • Scientists kill supercute Tasmanian devils with face cancer.

    These cute little beasties are biting each other and getting face cancer in the process. Cedric appeared to have natural immunity, so scientists at U. Tasmania deliberately infected him. Sadly, he wasn’t immune so they put him down. But they’re hoping he hasn’t died in vain. Tasmanian Devils face cancer

  • tommorow’s meme tooday

    OPPS – Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog credit to bigmoney