Papal Ice Nine


I thought this recent Facebook vignette is worth saving for posterity or pitching to Roland Emmerich. Although, since it was on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg now owns alls rights to this idea so it’s his call.

Caspar Addyman is wondering if the pope is always on duty. and if so does that mean that every bit of bread he touches is automatically consecrated and turns all his sandwiches into tasty christ meat. Sacrelicious! 12 November at 08:11

Rob Quinn
If you molded a big pile of bread into a Christ shape and got the Pope to touch it, would we have the Second Coming?
Michael Snodden
Being able to rub someone’s bottom into a holy state would certainly would make for a great chat-up line in a bar or, perhaps, the changing rooms of the local swimming pool.
Stagger Lee Fisher
or, of course, choir practice
Michael Snodden
I got sidetracked thinking about the impact his holy presence would have on the swimming pool itself. I think, as an experiment, someone should drown him in the ocean, it’d be like some Holy terraforming exercise and would wreak havoc on sea-faring vampires.
Sean Purdy
I think he has to say the magic words first.
Caspar Addyman
so first we have to hypnotise him into saying abracadabra.. then well need something pendular to catch his eye.. we’ll need a swinging naked choirboy
Amy Bamberg
Time to transubstantiate!

[youtube _YcGRNmkB00]

Caspar Addyman
This is turning into a Kurt Vonnegut rewrite of Operation Clone Jesus

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